Owner Testimonials

Working with Brooke has been a dream.  She was incredibly instrumental in guiding me through the process of starting my STR rental, from setting up the home, to making it safe for guests, and communicating absolutely every detail I needed to know.  She also happens to be very nice and has actually made the entire experience a whole lot of fun — if that’s even possible.  All the stress and headache of owning a home away from home has been almost painless.  She’s overseen everything — from an occasional plumbing issue to having her staff (who are also fantastic!) clean the house (impeccably!) and restock needed items, and her spread sheet each month of expenses and credits is very detailed and straightforward.  Everything about the process she has organized and implemented is completely seamless, and she is constantly looking for ways to make it even better.  I can’t imagine trusting management of my home to anyone else.   

Julie B. – Urban Homestead

I was referred to Brooke just over a year ago by a Homeaway employee.  I had just decided to move to a new home and keep my first house as an investment property and felt I could maximize my return as a Short Term Rental.  I contacted Brooke and she scheduled an appointment to come by the house and meet with my wife and I.  Brooke was prompt, professional and shared her extensive experience and knowledge with us freely.  We were sure we had found our property manager.  She advised us on how to furnish, where we could advertise (Homeaway), how we should price, what she would do as the PM and she even took the pictures of the property herself and built the Homeaway listing.  Working with her and her team has been a dream.  Very easy to work with, super responsive, and extremely well organized.  The property has never looked better.  We trust her explicitly with our largest investment.  Our tenants like working with her as well and she has exceeded our expectations in our first years as STR owners.  Since actions speak louder than words, I just referred her my 3rd friend who has a short term rental.

Tony F. – Carlisle Oaks